Elaine Scott

Professional Genealogist & Family History Researcher

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in family history.  As a child, my maternal grandmother would often tell me little stories about her family (a rather complicated one) and I was drawn into the wonderful world of times gone by.  I wanted to know more about all these folks she spoke so fondly of.


More than 30 years ago I began some serious research into my ancestors.  I was born in Edinburgh and therefore had easy access to all the records held at New Register House.  Fascinated by the volume of documents available, I started to delve further into the past and developed a real affection for all my Scottish ancestors.


The branch of my family from the Isle of Islay seemed to be the one I knew least about, so I first visited this beautiful island nearly 20 years ago and quickly became captivated.  This journey was to change my life.  My ancestors left these shores of Islay for the Scottish mainland more than 160 years ago and, after many visits, I came to live here in the land of my forebears in 2005.


Over these many years of gathering massive amounts of information about Islay and its people, I created a database with many tens of thousands of folks all with an Islay connection, tracking them all over the world.  Of course this database is not complete and it seems almost every day I find something new to add.


I am an enthusiastic and meticulous researcher and I look forward to helping you add to your family history research.



Elaine Scott

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