Services & Fees

If your Ancestor was born, married or died on Islay, I should be able to find this person in my database.  Working with the Old Parish Registers, Statutory Records and Census Returns, I will prepare a report for you detailing my findings which can be sent to you either by e-mail or by post.


There are many different options to consider when researching your family history.  Each family is vastly different and my research is dependent on available records.

Individual Research - £30 per hour

Perhaps you have already done some digging into your family history and have hit a brick wall - I love a challenge and would welcome the opportunity to help you move on with your research.


Perhaps you are happy with your research but would like some professional eyes to review it and possibly find more to add - my database may hold a missing link for you.  I may even be able to connect you with other folks researching the same family.  My database contains all sorts of gems!


Perhaps you have gone back as far in history as you can and would like to move into the present day - have your ever wondered if any of your Ancestor's descendents are still living on Islay - would you like me to try to find out?